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Argentinian Tango, a new way of counselling!

For the Mind & Body

If you are an health or social professional, and a practising Argentinian Tango Dancer, we would like to invite you to a meeting in Lille (North of France) on the second weekend of October 2016.

During this meeting, we would like to share and discuss ideas, practices, theories and metaphors around Argentinian Tango. We would like to explore together the idea that Tango can be viewed as a link between the Mind and Body, between the Leader and Follower, but also how that is inclusive of the other dancers, music, and the room as well.

Together, we will explore how Argentinian Tango may open new possibilities and provide new tools to medical doctors, psychiatrics, psychologists, nurses, social workers, psychotherapists, nurses, and counsellors alike.

We will be exploring and developing the metaphor of the Tango dancers as a tool to explore:

the Therapist/Client relationship

the couple relationship in intimate relationships (Couple Therapy)

the relationship amongst professionals co-working and in supervision

We will be exploring the theme of: Tango in Therapy - Therapy in Tango.

Could we use our Tango experience in our work with clients? If we can, then why? How? What?

Furthermore, following up from Watzlawick’s idea that we “cannot not communicate”, we would like to take a look at “what” we might be communicating and “how”. In order to do this, we would like to look into our experiences in Tango and in our therapeutic work with clients.

We are looking forward to do this within a group of colleagues with dancing experience in Argentinian Tango and working experience in different therapeutic, health and social care fields.


 Friday 7th of October, evening: welcoming participants and informal dinner together.

 Saturday 8th of October: we will start the day off with presenting to the group what we would like to explore. It will be followed by informal discussions, then feedback and planning of next workshop, such as date, location and themes to discuss. Closing the day with dinner and Milonga.

 Sunday 9th of October, return home.


We are planning to welcome you at PSYCOM Training Institute, depending on the number of participants. For further information please check our website: www.psycom.fr

The Institute is located in Villeneuve d’Ascq and is easily accessible by underground in 20 minutes from Lille Raywaystation.

How to get to Lille

The closest airport to Lille is Charles De Gaulle airport (Paris), where the TGV (High Speed Train) will take you to Lille in 50 minutes.

If you arrive in Paris Orly Airport or by train, change at the station “Gare du Nord” to take TGV to Lille.


There are many Hotels around PSYCOM Institute, price ranging from 50 € to 100 € for one night. Better to book early. Find below some example.









Thank you so much by the organising committee:

Michel Maestre, LILLE –  FRANCE

Cinzia Taffagli, LONDON – UK